ReginaSpeaking Academy

Over the past few years, public speaking has shifted from speaker-driven delivery to audience-driven communication. Audiences are much more critical of speakers today with expectations of what is said, how it is said, and for whom it is being said, causing public speakers to become audience-centered, mindful of their presence, presentation, and choice of words.

Having the ability to connect with the audience through all forms of communication is key.

This 45-hour intensive public speaking leadership training is for skilled speakers ready to intentionally connect with their audience. Next-level refinement and fine-tuning your speaking skills is a byproduct of this training, however, our goal is a public address to gain audience-action-driven results.

• Be camera-ready, stage-ready, and audio-ready for a polished professional presence.
• Understand how to navigate challenges that may arise with technology, AV equipment, and programming.
• Create a professional media portfolio that includes audio, video, and professional photos.
• Understand how to use and implement elements that are part of the chemistry of public speaking.

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