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Dr. Regina Lewis


ReginaSpeaking LLC
PO Box 313 Colorado Springs, CO 80901
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Department Chair, PPCC

Dr. Lewis currently serves as Department Chair for the Division of Communications, Humanities, and Technical Studies  at Pikes Peak Community College

About Dr. Lewis

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Bridges Out of Poverty

Dr. Lewis is a National Speaker for Aha! Process' acclaimed anti-poverty program

Center For Creative Leadership

Dr. Lewis is an executive coach for this top-ranked global provider to 80 of the Fortune
100 companies across the public, non-profit and educational sectors.

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Doctor of Philosophy, Educational Leadership, Research, and Policy
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO

Master of Arts, Communication
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO

Bachelor of Arts
Communication & Psychology

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO

College Achievement Alliance
Bridges Out of Poverty
LM 360
Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i)
Firo Business
Myers Briggs
Workplace Big 5)


Executive Director of Comcast Community Programming for Colorado Springs

President for the Pikes Peak Community Action Agency

Member of the YMCA Metropolitan Board of Directors

Designed and implemented the Colorado Springs’ Transition Out of Poverty Program titled: Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World (project initiated by Cheyenne Mountain Civic Solutions),

Diversity Strategic Planning Committee member for the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Development team member for the Quality of Life Indicators for the City of Colorado Springs (project initiated by Pikes Peak United Way)

Development team member for Diversity at the Colorado Springs School


Assistant Dean for the Division of Communications, Humanities, and Technical Studies – Pikes Peak Community College

Director of The Women’s Forum - Pikes Peak Community College

Student Academic Advisor – Pikes Peak Community College

Executive Editor of Focus on Community College Success, a college success textbook titled:

Workshop consultant for TeamUp/Cengage Publishing

Design and implemented online courses


Communalism Values and the Academic Success and Retention of the African American Male Student in Community College

Lewis, Regina Anita, Ph.D., University
of Colorado at Colorado Springs, 2010
141 pages; AAT 3411270

Indexing   (document details)

Advisor: Martinez, Sylvia
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
School Location: United States -- Colorado
Keyword(s): Communalism, Academic success, Retention, Community college, African-American, Post-traumatic slave syndrome, Scholar identity, Men
Source: DAI-A 71/06, Dec 2010
Source type: Dissertation
Subjects: Community college education, Mathematics education, African American Studies, Black studies
Publication Number: AAT 3411270
ISBN: 9781124035932
Document URL: http://proquest.umi.com/pqdlink?did=2071683801&Fmt=7&clientI d=79356&RQT=309&VName=PQD
ProQuest document ID: 2071683801

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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Regina Lewis leads and has alliances with worldwide organizations, specializing in leadership development and organizational communication. With clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies through not-for-profit agencies to educational institutions, Dr. Lewis’ proven specialty is leadership, professional excellence, culture inclusion, coaching, strategic development, and executive public speaking coaching.

Regina is a consulting partner, national speaker, and director of ReginaSpeaking, LLC. Through this company, she has worked with clientele executives, groups, and organizations in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Korea, Japan, Germany, Ethiopia, and the United States.

Dr. Lewis has presented and facilitated widely on topics of diversity and inclusion, cross-cultural leveraging, strategic planning, executive speaking, interpersonal communication, personal professional development, media & public relations, social media communication, understanding and climbing out of poverty, and retention.

Current Role

Dr. Lewis is the department chair and instructor of Communication and the director of the Women’s Forum at Pikes Peak Community College; at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, she is an adjunct professor of Freshmen Seminar, and an executive coach for the Center for Creative Leadership.

Educational Background

Regina holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Research and Policy, a Master of Arts in Communication, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She is also certified in the utilization of an array of assessment tools, to include (LM360, Firo Business, Workplace Big 5, and Emotional Intelligence). Additionally, Dr. Lewis is a certified trainer of Bridges Out of Poverty, College Achievement Alliance, as well as a national presenter for TeamUP Cengage Learning.

Selected Publications and Presentations

With focus areas of diversity, leadership, preparedness of future leaders, and instructional delivery platforms online, Regina is published in edited books, journals, and higher educational textbooks. Additionally, Regina has presented her research and conducted workshop internationally and nationally.


Diversity vs.
Cultural Inclusiveness

Making A Powerful Presentation


Code Switching
Ad Council Public Service

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Speaking vs. Talking

Communication Beyond The Water's Edge

In a volatile and complex world that is, nonetheless, small enough to fit, in its entirety, inside your smart phone, the value of communalism and true diversity—as opposed to simple tolerance and inclusiveness—becomes evident. Social and business relationships can begin and end with a single tweet or blog posting made in haste, in anger, in jest, or in the wrong cultural aesthetic. Effective communication moves us beyond the water's edge of grammar and style and launches out into uncharted seas of context. Our culture is our context. Efficient communication—fast content delivery—is not enough. Cultural and religious tolerance is not enough. Being culturally responsive moves us beyond diversity compliance and into an actual understanding of and true appreciation for the wonders of other cultures beyond practical translation and into dynamic penetration of sociocultural intramurals.

Intercultural communications concerns understanding and relating to other cultures without losing our own uniqueness. Being culturally responsive, culturally inclusive, involves both giving and getting: building genuine relationships across complex boundaries. You cannot be successful—in academics, in business, in relationships—without being culturally inclusive.

Communication is powerful. It is life-changing. Emotional. Political. Spiritual. Social Communication resounds through our choices and decisions and through our ever-evolving relationships. Humanity is composed of people embracing a narrative. More than masterful articulation, communication concerns understanding the cultural accretions of people and those narratives and putting language to ideas. These are the essential keys to success in any organization or global relationship.